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Building a better you


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Weight Lifting

Mission & Philosophy

To provide services and resources in safe, effective methods to enhance performance.

Stockton Sports Performance is client centered whether you are an athlete training to improved sports performance, or an individual focused on improving health and wellness via exercise. Exercise programs are designed to meet the needs of clients at their current fitness level and progressed to meet their goals. No gimmicks, simply hard work and scientifically proven training techniques.



Training Programs

Whether in person or virtual,  our training programs are customized to serve your training needs.

Youth Sports Prep

We will prepare you to reach your athletic endeavors.

Training Assessments

Pre-training assessments are objective and provide a baseline of where you are so we can formulate a plan to get you to where you want to be.

Post Injury

Let's work together in order to get you back on the field, court or the activities you love.




“Thanks to to Shawn Jenkins and Stockton Sports Performance in just a matter of a few weeks I could see improvement in my strength and endurance. When my motivation starts to wane Shawn is always accessible to help keep me on track. ” 


—  John C.

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